Let’s face it, we all sleep differently. Sometimes you’re hot and your partner is cold. Maybe you like the sheet on you, but your partner kicks it to the bottom. Sometimes you have to jerk the covers back from your partner after they’ve unknowingly stolen them from you. Whatever the case, Splitz solves it all. Our patent pending design promotes perfect partner sleeping! You have complete control over your side of the bed!

Yes! We added 4″ to the width of the top sheet compared to the normal size. We have tested our sheets with men and women of all sizes and found that it works perfectly with adequate coverage in all normal sleeping positions.

Our brand has three main objectives: 1) Keeping relationships happy during the night 2) Comfort and 3) Style. We just don’t think a split down the middle of a comforter would look good, and we only make things that look good. We also found that it is unnecessary. You can still use a normal comforter over our sheets and blanket, while still experiencing the comfortable sleeping independence our bedding provides.

After nearly a year of testing hundreds of different fabric options, we surprisingly determined that cotton was not the best choice for our brand. It wrinkled badly after washing, took multiple washings to become soft, and made the pricepoint higher than what we wanted for our customers. Our poly microfiber is softer than any cotton we tested, does not wrinkle, and is cooler than cotton because of it’s moisture wicking fibers. Our 2000 threadcount fabric is unbeatable in softness, cooling properties and overall quality.

Our sheets are perfect for singles or couples who are often apart due to work travel or opposing sleep schedules. In this case, you only unmake one side of the bed! The other side stays perfectly made up at all times.

Yes, of course! At checkout, click on the “ADD GIFT WRAP?” button right above the billing details section.  Add your message in the popup and click “ADD GIFT WRAP TO ORDER”.  Fill out your billing details then at the bottom toggle on the “SHIP TO A DIFFERENT ADDRESS?” button.  Add your recipients mailing address and complete the rest of the checkout process.  We’ll ship your gift to your recipient wrapped and with your customized note.

Check back for future availability. For now, our sheets are only available in sets. Many customers buy two sets to rotate.

This was a concern during the research and development phase for us as well. Our brand is to make marriages and relationships BETTER, not do anything to cause division. The only thing we can say is, “Try it, and you’ll see for yourselves … it works!” You can still snuggle up like always … just even more comfortably now.

We would love to talk with you about opportunities for selling our brand. Please visit our wholesale page and register for a wholesale account.
We know you will love our sheets and blankets, but realize that things don’t always work out. We have a 30 day money back guarantee on all of our products! Please visit our returns page to process a return.

Wash in warm or cold water separately or with your other Splitz sheets only. We recommend liquid detergent and fabric softener vs. detergent pods as they can sometimes cause stains if not dissolved properly in the wash. Detergent boosters and non-chlorine bleach can be used as well. Dry separately on med-high heat. Wait until you see how fast they dry!!

Our sheets come in 2 colors: Prominence White, which is a beautiful, crisp, snowy white; and Resort Grey, which is as luxurious and enticing as it sounds. It is the perfect grey … not too much blue, not too much brown … right in the middle. (For reference, we matched it to Joanna Gaines’ Magnolia paint color “Cupola” if you’d like to Google it!) Our blanket is currently available in Resort Grey.

Our sheets come in King (1 fitted, 1 flat, 2 pillowcases), Queen (1 fitted, 1 flat, 2 pillowcases), and Adjustable Split King (2 twin fitted, 1 flat, 2 pillowcases)

No! Take straight from the dryer to the bed! They will look as perfect as if pressed!

Yes, our poly microfiber is very breathable. Instead of absorbing moisture, it literally wicks it away. Our 2000 threadcount fabric is durable and luxurious, yet lightweight and airy creating a soothing nights sleep for both those who sweat and their partners who freeze.

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