Our Story

10:32pm Husband & wife talk, laugh & kiss goodnight 

10:38pm Husband begins snoring

12:04am Wife finally falls asleep

1:16am Husband kicks sheet to foot of bed

2:02am Wife is cold and jerks sheet back up

2:03am Husband turns over & puts accidental death grip on sheet with outer leg

2:05am Wife yanks sheet trapped under husband’s leg then puts cold feet on husband’s warm leg

3:18am Husband is now cold and pulls comforter up

4:22am Wife has hot flash and kicks all covers to foot of bed

4:46am Husband pulls comforter back up but leaves sheet at foot of bed

REPEAT from 2:02am

This was the story of our lives! Our wonderful marriage was not so wonderful when it came to sleeping. It seemed that every night was a battle for the covers, and both of us were losing. Several years ago we created a solution, and it worked so well for us that we knew it would work for others too. The more we talked to friends, family members and even strangers, we realized that nearly everyone has these same issues with their covers. We cannot wait for you to experience the difference with our bedding. We worked for over a year testing different fabrics, tweaking measurements, and talking with countless couples to get their feedback. We are so hopeful you will fall in love with our patent pending design and luxurious fabrics as much as we have! We love them so much that we have a hard time sleeping without them now. We are happy you visited our website and welcome you to a whole new world of comfortable sleeping …SPLITZ – For Lovers Who Steal Covers. Warmly, Merideth & John

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